List of Funeral Services Providers in Singapore (March 2019 Update)

Looking for a list of Funeral Services Providers in Singapore? At, we understand your grief and want to make this task easier for you. That's why we've compiled this list of funeral directors, to help make your search for an affordable yet reliable undertaker quick and easy. To view our list, simply click the first button below. And to check out the most affordable funeral services provider, just click the second button.

No Singapore funeral services provider will willingly list their competitors on websites they own. In doing so, they will only risk losing business to others. At Entrust FS Pte. Ltd., we are different. We understand the pain, heartache and sorrow you must feel, when someone you deeply love passes on. At such times of grief, you will be hard-press, even when making the simplest of decisions. Hence to help you in your search for a reliable funeral services director and make it easy for you to compare funeral packages and prices, we started this funeral directory, listing some of the other prominent Funeral services providers in Singapore. This was done in the spirit of good customer service and to promote healthy competition. Henceforth, with our directory, you will no longer have to look up these other undertakers individually. Indeed, that’s why our clients love us; when it comes to setting the standards for honest and transparent business practices and pricing in the funeral services industry, few come close to us.

So do feel free to browse through this list and contact any funeral services company here. But if you are looking for the best value funeral packages from the most honest and reliable funeral undertaker in Singapore, you need look no further. Just click the button below…

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Please note that this List of Funeral Service Providers in Singapore is presented in a random order (i.e. not on merit).

1. Vigil Funeral Service

When it comes to creativity in designing funeral packages, Vigil Funeral Service easily stands out. With them, you will find some industry first, including free Wifi at funeral wake, complimentary marble urn for those of opt for post funeral services at government columbarium and even a free niche at their ancestral tablet hall for housing of your Ancestral tablet. If you are looking a reliable funeral undertaker with value for money funeral packages, you will want to check out their website.


2. Singapore Funeral Group Pte Ltd

When updating our blog post, 5 different types of Funerals in Singapore, and overhauling the rest of this website, we scanned through many different Singapore funeral services websites and their site happened be one the most detailed. Unlike many who simply displayed their packages, Singapore Funeral Group went through great length to explain the most salient points of all types of funerals in Singapore. In doing so, they demonstrate that are indeed subject experts when it comes to funeral planning.

Beyond that, they also took great pains to list all their services in a transparent manner.

It is our understanding that they are a consortium, formed by the coming together of 5 different funeral directors, each with his own speciality and skill set. By marrying together all their individual strengths, the group has the knowledge, talent and experience to handle all types of funeral services in Singapore. This is their strength and what makes them unique as funeral undertakers.


3. Hock Hin Undertaker (New)

A funeral specialist that has survived the test of time (since 1960), Hock Hin Undertaker boasts a 3rd generation funeral director mentored by his 2nd generation father. With a mix of deep knowledge of Chinese traditions and creative improvement and personalisation of funerals, Hock Hin Undertaker is able to meet the needs of any clients. If there are any questions about Chinese funeral customs and traditions, the staff of Hock Hin are able to teach and guide you throughout the funeral. Special requests by our clients are also carried out to the best of our abilities. As a family business, Hock Hin Undertaker prides itself in minimizing overheads to provide their clients affordable funeral packages.


4. Eternal Life Bereavement Services (New)

A Christian and Catholic funeral specialist, Eternal Life Bereavement Services has a group of highly trained staff who are able to carry out all types of Christian or Catholic funerals, be it in English, Chinese, or Tamil. A funeral wake is held for family members to express their grief as well as for guests to pay their last respect. Eternal Life is dedicated to helping clients’ loved ones return into the loving embrace of God, in a graceful and respectful manner. Simply contact them if you wish to know more about their services and funeral packages.


5. Funeral Solutions

Founded by Nicky Teo at the age of 17, this company has grown significantly since its formation 12 years ago. Previously featured in Straits Times as Singapore’s Youngest Funeral Director, Nicky is well versed in Chinese funeral traditions and well sort after for his knowledge on Taoist and Buddhist funeral planning. More importantly, Funeral Solutions is on this list because they are ever willing to customise their services to meet the needs of the deceased’s family.


6. Serenity Casket

Serenity Casket is a local family run funeral company. Our experienced Funeral Directors and staffs will ensure that they will listen, understand the needs of the bereaved families and get the highest level of personal care. They aim to serve with dignity, sympathy and compassion during these troubled times and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for assistance.


7. Trinity Casket

Trinity Casket is a leading company for funeral and mortuary affairs. They has been around since 1991 and undertaken more than 12,000 funerals including numerous funerals for VIPs such as relatives of ministers and renown businessmen, as well as repatriations and imports of deceased around the world. Trinity Casket operates closely along Christian principles and is actively involved with missions as far as Africa, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, China and in Singapore.



Note that this funeral services provider list is merely presented as a guide for your easy reference and should not be taken as an endorsement by Entrust FS Pte. Ltd. of any of their product or services which are not within our control.

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