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  • Paronel Loo Avatar
    Paronel Loo

    My utmost appreciation especially to Eugene & his team from Entrust Funeral Service for their heartfelt & sincere services rendered to my mum-in-law.

    Once again, thank you so much.

    Chong Chee Way Avatar
    Chong Chee Way

    First i need to thanks Eugene and all his crew members.The services provided by Entrust were very professional and unique. When ever help is needed they will be there for you.....!Really are all experts and thumbs up for them.Keep it up guys. 5/04/2019

    Cherelle Ng Avatar
    Cherelle Ng

    Thank you Eugene, Lawrence, Eforce and crew for taking care of my grandmother's funeral. With their assistance, we do not need to worry about the procedures as everything was well taken care of. They were very prompt and patient in all of our requests and questions. Once again, on behalf of my family, thank you to all involved members from Entrust Team. 3/02/2019

    Chen XQ Avatar
    Chen XQ

    Thank you Eugene for taking care of my late father's funeral. A young yet knowledgable chap who can clearly explain traditional customary in current generation lingo. Able to provide simple yet elegantly executed funeral service. He is very transparent with the cost and the services provided. Highly recommanded if you value simplistic, affordable and efficient services. 8/16/2018

  • Tan Poh Leong Avatar
    Tan Poh Leong

    Heartfelt and sincere thank you, to Eugene and his team for taking care of my late father funeral. 12/30/2018

    Mary Tan Avatar
    Mary Tan

    during our recent bereavement, Eugene of Entrust Funeral Service, attended to our every need promptly and efficiently. I would strongly recommend his service to anyone who needs. 1/01/2019

    Peter Tay Avatar
    Peter Tay

    Recommended. Eugene and his team provide professional service and advice from end to end. They offered packages for different religion, races and dialect groups. They are competent to advice the required customs, and flexible to offer modern options. 5/28/2019

    Leon Hay Avatar
    Leon Hay

    Heartfelt and sincere thanks to Eugene and his team from Entrust Funeral Service regarding their assistance in our grandfather’s recent funeral arrangements.

    Although Eugene is young, he displayed the utmost professionalism and great knowledge in the way he communicates with our families and friends. He is efficient, tactful and able to converse with both the older and younger generation as well as managed everyone’s expectations. As per the name of the organization, you can fully ENTRUST the team in their services.

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