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  • Cheow Guan Lim Avatar
    Cheow Guan Lim

    positive review 
    Thank you Entrust Funeral Service, Eforce, Eugene and the whole team for your professional services in arrange and advise for my father in law funeral.

    The team handle well and professional. They are knowledgeable and well verse in the procedure.

    Strongly recommended.
    Once again on behalf of the family memeber i hereby Say a BIG THANK YOU. And well done - 1/28/2019

    Mary Tan Avatar
    Mary Tan

    positive review 
    during our recent bereavement, Eugene of Entrust Funeral Service, attended to our every need promptly and efficiently. I would strongly recommend his service to anyone who needs. - 1/01/2019

    Angie Ong Avatar
    Angie Ong

    positive review 
    On behalf of my family, I would like to thanks Eugene Team for completing the last journey with my mum. His perfect team with efficient and fast service let my family have ease on all details & timing. Everything was taken care of and we have ample time stay accompany my mum. Well done Entrust team ! - 6/10/2019

    Michael Raj Avatar
    Michael Raj

    positive review 
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    - 7/18/2019

  • Mae See HL Avatar
    Mae See HL

    positive review 
    Firstly , I represent all my family members to thanks Eugene and his teammates for the great and efficient service,and guidance given to our family members . Most important your pricing very reasonable.

    Your effective funeral arrangements, and guidances put us through the toughest moments we faced .

    Thank you for provided us 6Star layout and tools and put us throughout the funeral with an very comfortable environments, and I strongly believe my granny rested comfortable for 5days and 4nights , Once again , i still felt grateful thank you so much for the everything you all had done for us and all is in our budgets.

    Thank you so much, Most importantly we don’t face any burden in financial. - 5/19/2019

    Tina Khoo I-Lin Avatar
    Tina Khoo I-Lin

    positive review 
    Eugene, the boss of Entrust is such a compassionate soul. Although he is only 23 years old, he is a dynamic, no nonsense, hands-on reliable young man. Eugene does what he says, answer your calls and messages promptly while always remaining really composed. Visibly humble and very down to earth and very capable too. Rest assured your loved one will be in good hands from the start to the end.

    Thank you Eugene and I give a thumbs up 👍🏼 to Entrust Funeral Services.

    ps: this young man sets every soul free be it big or small 🙏🏼 - 6/14/2019

    Carolyn Davis Avatar
    Carolyn Davis

    positive review 
    Highly recommended.
    Did not know what to do or how to go about any of the arrangements and Eugene was a BIG help. He took control and did everything for me and my family. Good service as I was messaging Eugene like 2am in the morning and he was very responsive.

    Thank you so much. - 6/08/2019

    Peter Tay Avatar
    Peter Tay

    positive review 
    Recommended. Eugene and his team provide professional service and advice from end to end. They offered packages for different religion, races and dialect groups. They are competent to advice the required customs, and flexible to offer modern options. - 5/28/2019

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