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Buddhist Funeral Package

Our Buddhist Funeral Package starts at only $5,500 and is for funerals held at HDB void decks only. Highlights of the packages include, monk chanting, vegetarian food offering plus all the essential items needed to conduct a dignified Buddhist funeral.

Here is a video plus detailed breakdown of this popular and affordably priced package:



  • A polished wood finish casket (without glass) with choice of either light or dark wood colour (for basic package)
  • A similar casket but with half glass casket is available for standard package only

Collection and Preparation of the Body

  • Collection the body from either home or hospital to our office
  • Embalming of the body at our professional embalming theatre
  • Cosmetology services by our experienced morticians inclusive of hair and makeup
  • Dressing and casketing. Family to provide clothes for the deceased. Alternatively, we have clothes available for a fee
  • Transporting the casket (with body) back to the HDB void deck for funeral setup

Funeral Day Arrangements

  • Booking of cremation slots
  • Glass hearse to transfer Casket for cremation. A more elaborate hearse setup can be request at an additional fee
  • Pall bearer services

Casket Area Set Up

  • Tentage, curtains and carpeted flooring at the casket area
  • Surround canvas (2 piece)
  • Buddhist Sutra blanket is included
  • Buddhist style backdrop and decor setup (for standard package only)

Chanting Services and Food Offerings

  • A buddhist monk to lead the chanting during en-coffin, last night rituals and on funeral day itself
  • A single set of Vegetarian food and fruits offerings will be provided for each of the above 3 monk led ritual sessions
  • A single set of Buddha food offering

Ceremonial Items Worth $688!

  • One Paper Tablet
  • Incense and Joss Sticks (Both Large and Small) Including Incense Urn
  • Tall Red Candles and Lotus Candles
  • Sandalwood Stick and Sandalwood Coil
  • White Flag, Directional Lamp and Toiletries for the Deceased
  • Pails for Flower Water

Tables and Chairs for the Wake

  • 10 round tables and 15 square ones
  • 100 plastic chairs

Fans and General Lightings

  • 2 large standing fans
  • 4 small fans
  • General lighting for the whole void deck wake area (inclusive of running of electrical wires)

Funeral Photo Setup

  • 1 enlarged photo plus 6 passport sized ones
  • Wooden photo frame to house the enlarged photo (size: 10 inches by 12 inches)
  • 1 floral wreath to line the photo frame (size: 11 inches by 13 inches)

Other Essentials

  • 4 fresh funeral flowers bouquets for use at the alter area
  • 1 air con coach to bring relatives and guest to Crematorium and back
  • 1 register book for funeral donations recording purposes
  • Gift pack for (Towel and Coin) Guest and Relatives

Package Price

  • $5,500 for a 3 day funeral with an additional $250 for each extra day

Important Note

  • Food and drinks are not included and will be charged on an “amount consumed” basis
  • Ceremonial items such as joss sticks, candles, white t-shirts and pants etc are sold on a consignment basis and billed separately
  • Price quoted are for funerals held at HDB Void decks. Funerals held in homes or funeral parlour will require a customised quote with the price different due mainly to the differing tentage setup cost
  • A more elaborate setup can be arranged but at a higher cost

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$688 Worth of Ceremonial Items Are Included Without Extra Charge! These includes Incense and Sandlewood Items Placed in Casket.

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We are among the most affordable funeral undertakers in Singapore. What’s more important thought is that because of our believe that everyone deserves a meaningful send off, we do not compromise on quality, when arranging a funeral.

We understand your grief and will go the distance to ensure all your funeral services needs are taken care of. Our staff trained to be sensitive and attentive to your needs at all times. Being experienced funeral directors, you can always count on us for advice on all funeral matters, as and when needed.

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$688 Worth of Ceremonial Items Are Included Without Extra Charge! These includes Incense and Sandlewood Items Placed in Casket.

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