This Top 10 Funeral Service Providers in Singapore list was initially presented in a random order (i.e. not on merit). However, throughout last year, our emails were flooded with enquires on who we prefer.

And so, for our 2018 update, rather than keep our opinion to ourselves, we present our view on who is our preferred funeral director in Singapore and this accolade goes to…

1. Singapore Funeral Group Pte Ltd

When updating our blog post, 5 different types of Funerals in Singapore, we needed information on both Catholic and Taoist funerals. We scanned through many different Singapore funeral services websites and found theirs to be the most detailed. Unlike many who simply displayed their packages, Singapore Funeral Group went through great length to explain the most salient points of all types of funerals in Singapore. In doing so, they convinced us that are indeed subject experts when it comes to funeral planning.

Beyond that, we found too that they took great pains to list all their services in a transparent manner.

On interviewing their director, Eugene Tan, we come to understand that they are consortium, formed by the coming together of 5 different funeral directors, each with his own speciality and skill set. By marrying together all their individual strengths, the group has the knowledge, talent and experience to handle all types of funeral services in Singapore. This is their strength and what makes them unique as funeral undertakers.

Tel:+65 6817 4288

Rest of Our Top 10 List – Random Order

2. Direct Funeral Services Pte Ltd

Direct Funeral Services Pte Ltd

Direct Funeral Services Pte Ltd is a household brand for the past 20 years, providing affordable funeral services to the people. Having undergone a rebranding in 2014, they have modernized and professionalized its service standards, which resulted in becoming the 1st and only funeral company in Singapore to be awarded ISO 9001:2008 from two prestigious service audit companies, UKAS & SAC. Their repertoire of services has increased to include professional Master of Ceremony services, personal concierge services that help to service guests, daily newspaper & breakfast services, overnight security and more.


3. Singapore Casket

Singapore Casket

Singapore Casket Company is today, the largest and most reputable funeral service provider in Singapore with the staff strength of more than 60 dedicated funeral advisers and directors. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of InvoCare Ltd, which is Asia Pacific’s leading provider of funeral services listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Altogether the company owns and operates funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoria around Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Founded on the 3rd of January 1920 by the late Mr John Hochstadt, the company not only survived the harsh times of World War II, but also thrived and expanded over the years because of the strong dedication from all our staff, and our commitment to provide personalized and professional services.


4. SFS Care Pte Ltd

SFS Care Pte Ltd

SFS Care Pte Ltd (Singapore Funeral Services) is committed to the implementation and maintenance of the Integrate Management System to assure all customers the best, most sensitive, compassionate and dignified services they can provide without compromise. They are dedicated to ensure utmost safety conditions for all workers, staffs, supplier, customers and members of public in compliance to all legislation/code of practices. They also offer goods and services of satisfactory quality as defined in the Sales of Goods Act S14(2), and an exchange and refund policy clearly stipulating the time frame and conditions for any exchange and refunds.


5. Funeral Solutions

Funeral Solutions Pte Ltd

Founded by Nicky Teo at the age of 17, this company has grown significantly since its formation 12 years ago. Previously feature in Straits Times as Singapore’s Youngest Funeral Director, Nicky is well versed in Chinese funeral traditional and is well sort after for his knowledge on Taoist and Buddhist funeral planning. More importantly, Funeral Solutions is on this list because they are ever willing to customise their services to meet the needs of the deceased’s family.


6. Casket Fairprice

Casket Fairprice

Established since 1993, Casket Fairprice has steadily grown to become one of the leading Singapore funeral service group. They provide a one-stop solution for all funeral arrangement needs. They have a transparent pricing policy, you can find out the prices of our packages on our website. The contents within the packages are clearly itemized, so you know exactly what you are paying for. They endeavor to keep our prices as low as reasonably possible.


7. Serenity Casket

Serenity Casket

Serenity Casket is a local family run funeral company. Our experienced Funeral Directors and staffs will ensure that they will listen, understand the needs of the bereaved families and get the highest level of personal care. They aim to serve with dignity, sympathy and compassion during these troubled times and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for assistance.


8. Trinity Casket

Trinity Casket

Trinity Casket is the approved company for funeral and mortuary affairs. They has been around since 1991 and undertaken more than 12,000 funerals. Numerous funerals for VIP such as relatives of ministers and renown businessmen, as well as repatriations and imports of deceased around the world. Trinity Casket operates closely along Christian principles and is actively involved with missions as far as Africa, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, China and in Singapore.


9. Ang Chin Moh Casket

Ang Chin Moh Casket

Established since 1912, Ang Chin Moh is one of the longest serving bereavement companies in the industry. It began with its humble beginnings at a small unit at old Liang Siah Street and has since expanded and relocated to Geylang Bahru. The key element to Ang Chin Moh’s continued success is its persistence in wanting to provide excellent services with sincerity to its customers. This company motto is also deeply infused into each and every of our professional and dedicated staffs. We endeavor to help bereaved families to cope during this period of difficulty with care and respect.


10. Simplicity Casket Pte Ltd

Simplicity Casket Pte Ltd

Simplicity Casket Pte Ltd (formerly known as Casket Company Embalming & Funeral Services Pte Ltd) has been serving the public since 1981, providing Affordable and Transparent funeral packages for all religions: Catholic, Christian, Taoist, Buddhist, Hindu, Soka Gakkai, Tibetan, Nichiren Shoshu and others. Simplicity Casket  is also involved in community work, where they work with Lions Club on the “Save for Sight” project by collecting used spectacles donated by families, to be reused in the third world countries. They also work with the local community centres and nursing homes to provide free funeral services and Pre-Funeral Arrangement for the low income families and destitute.


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